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  • Making noise:  working towards eliminating the need for Day of Silence

    Last week my family and I volunteered at the after party for youth who took part in the county wide Day of Silence.  During the school day, participating youth chose to not speak at all, in efforts to bring attention to the need for a stronger stance against bullying of gay, lesbian, [...]

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    Owning your resilience: reducing trauma-influenced thinking

    I recently watched the documentary "Brave Miss World".  Its the story of Linor Abargil, a woman who lived through being raped six weeks before she went on to win the Miss World pageant.   Linor  used her fame to tell her story, and to help other women who had been [...]

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    Nothing to be afraid of:  starting therapy.

    Recently, I read a blog about the dozen or so things therapist want you to know.  After reading it though,  I thought it left out the number one thing I want you to know about therapy.   There wasn't  any mention of the sometimes gigantic fear that comes with even the idea of going to [...]

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