• Nothing to be afraid of: starting therapy.

  • Recently, I read a blog about the dozen or so things therapist want you to know.  After reading it though,  I thought it left out the number one thing I want you to know about therapy.   There wasn’t  any mention of the sometimes gigantic fear that comes with even the idea of going to therapy. 

    Therapy isn’t what it used to be.  For example, in my office, there is no couch.  There is a loveseat, and you can lay on it if you like, but your feet will dangle off the edge, which may not be too comfortable.  I  will not ask you about your life as a toddler.  Instead, I will help you talk about things that are relevant.     You will not be in therapy  with me for the next 27 years of your life.  The commitment you make is decided by you and the goals you have.  It can be a few sessions, a few weeks, a few months.  You decide.  Finally, I collaborate with you, and  I am in no way your superior.  I do not hold the answer to the meaning of life, I do not live a perfect life, and I do not have all the answers.  What I do have is a certain set of skills that just may help you discover your own answers to creating your own more perfectly meaningful life.   That’s the kind of therapy that I offer, comfortable,  professional care, that is often short term in nature.    Nothing to be a-Freud of.    And if we do touch on something scary, it’s okay.  We will get through it.    I promise.